If you want to feel Croatia in small, you should visit Varaždin County. The area is full of surprises – from gentle valleys of Drava and Bednja to rocky peaks of mountains in Zagorje. The walls of old towns keep secrets of the past, while one glance at green hills brings the relaxation to your mind and body.



Croatia is characterised by great geographical diversity which is nicely expressed in the small area of Varaždin County. Varaždin, the centre of the region, is a typical lowland town, rich in culture and historical heritage. It is situated in the fertile valley of the river Drava, known as the European Amazon. Picturesque hills full of vineyards take place only few kilometres from Varaždin, followed by the winding river of Bednja which is the longest river with the spring and the mouth in Croatia.

The flow of Bednja creates the valley which in a marvellous way divides gentle hills from the steep and rocky peaks of Ivančica, the blue glow beauty. The highest mountain of the north hides gemstones like Belski and Seljanski Dol, but most importantly it has the heart of nature as it used to be – wild and intact.



Favourite hiking destination is Ravna Gora which is the most remote karstic area in Croatia. Under the stones of Ravna Gora is situated the castle of Trakošćan with a beautiful lake, which is the most recognizable touristic sight of our county along the town of Varaždin.

When you complete the story with the antique heritage from Petrijanec to Varaždinske Toplice, you get what was stated before – the whole Croatia in a small area.

You are welcome to get to know it firstly through my photographs and videos. Then you can prepare your hiking boots and bikes to start the adventure of exploring.